Sunday, February 1, 2015

Insurance denial cosmetic what??!

So I am writing to tell share just how messed up our national insurance companies are! Not once but twice have they denied me the much needed surgeries to restore my mobility! I have had to write gut wrenching letters, ask my doctors and specialists to write on my behalf, and send in scantily clad photos to get them to understand that these surgeries are NOT COSMETIC and need to happen! My BCBS insurance has a clause in which they will not cover any surgery after the gastric bypass to correct extra skin, I understand there are rules to everything, however if a medical necessity is needed, IE chronic infections, neuroapthy in the area, loss of intimacy, horrible pain, and a panniculus (skin) apron full of toxic lipedema fat, then concessions must be made, I will continue to fight them until I cannot fight them any longer! Stay tuned for updates I am currently on appeal number 1 of 3!


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