Monday, August 25, 2014

4 days and counting

After 22 years of battling lymphedema and lipedema and not knowing it I know it, I formally have a diagnosis, a set of surgeries scheduled. ( water assisted liposuction) and a clearer path for a hopeful long term treatment. I am investing all of my faith, money, and energy into this, and hoping at the very least I will regain mobility and be able to chase my children when all is said and done. I need and WANT to stop the progression of Lipedema before it is too late for me. I once was 500 pounds, I do not want to get back to that place and end up bed bound once again.! Please follow my facebook page, and this blog to keep up to date with further advances in my surgery, before and after!Lippy Leigh Facebook page

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

21 Days

 I cannot believe it is only 21 days until I leave Virginia for a week and drive to Georgia. It will be a interesting trip for sure, we will be staying in an extended stay hotel with a pool and kitchen for 5 days or more. The drive alone is 8 hours plus stops for gas and bathroom breaks, I can imagine it is very hard on 3 little kids to sit still for that long as well as hard on my lippy body. I am excited to start the journey of stopping the progression of Lipedema and regaining some of my mobility back. My dream would be too run and chase my kids, to exercise without being in pain, and let me just say the pain is very intense with Lipedema. I have the Fibromaylgia, Ehler's Danlos and Chronic fatigue ON TOP of Lipedema and none of these compare to the deep sharp aching. My fundraising efforts are futile and I am okay with that I am so thankful for those that believe in my cause and are sharing my journey and even more blessed for those that have donated. Every cent helps and will go towards my recovery.