Sunday, February 1, 2015

2 weeks postop surgery 4 -final legs

It is bittersweet after all the pain I have endured for the last 12 years to finally be DONE with my legs! I don't know whether to be excited, ecstatic, or saddened that the pain is gone. I have learned to "deal" with it and the swelling that ensues for so long. For 20 years or more I have had larger legs, buttocks, hips, belly, and arms then most normal people. For the longest time I thought I was just fat and destined to be in a wheelchair at adult hood. Which I almost was at 23 years old when I shot up to almost 500 pounds within a couple years time. No one in West Virginia or Ohio could diagnose me properly, and without health insurance I was surely going to meet my demise sooner then later. I had already become house bound and depended on a cane to walk at 23 years old. I knew something had to be done and soon. I tried to get the gastric bypass but was denied because I did not have enough obesity related diseases, although I did have hypothyroid, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So thankful that I met and married my husband and was able to get the gastric bypass within 6 years of this, and it did save my life. It worked for me I feel that I am a work in progress, and that the bypass helped me overcome those co-morbidities!  Is it right for everyone that is a personal decision.!Pictured below is my legs just one week postop from my final leg surgery. I have several more surgeries to go on my buttocks,hips and whatever else we can find lipedema fat in!


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