Monday, July 20, 2015

4 weeks 15 days postop Panni and WAL

4 weeks 15 days postop- WAL, Panniulectomy, Breast implants, It has not been an easy recovery I have tried to be as honest and concise as I can in my posts on here and in my page, there is nothing glorious about this surgery other then being rid of the pain, just like everything else ya go through you must tread through the bad and prepare yourself, physically and mentally for the journey. I have had 3 infections since June 4th, 2015, been on multiple antibiotics about 8 to be exact not to mention prescription antibiotics and anti fungal creams, This is a risk you take with any of these surgeries and I knew that upfront, I was at a higher risk due too many factors but I have EDS, and very thin skin and a weak immune system. For weeks before surgery I dosed myself well with Vitamin c and lots of protein, and for weeks after I am continuing to do the same, I have had one open place on my right flank and a few open spots on the front, I have made significant healing progress in the last 3 weeks we are currently rebuilding my right flank tissue with a collagen product called PRISMA. I am being tested for more infections as I speak right now, it is a day day to battle I go to wound care weekly and perform it at home twice daily. Would I do this surgery again, YES my back doesn't hurt from the strain of the extra fat and skin, my hips are lighter, my cosmetic appearance and self esteem are through the roof now smile emoticon I am smiling through it all the first few weeks were very very rough I was depressed /sad/ felt like I wouldn't make it through the first week but I did with the help of my husband and some very good and close friends and the loving and compassionate nature of my surgeon!! I want to share my journey with all of you to educate, enlighten and help others.


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