Friday, March 27, 2015

5 days to a new bum

I have been waiting for this day since I was a pre-teen, a smaller bum, my day is finally coming on April 1st, Forever I have been afflicted with a large buttocks, and the pain that it causes, I have been the laugh of everyone! Everyone judges, scoffs at me, and finally after so many years I know that it wasn't what I was eating, anything I had done wrong it was Lipedema! And finally I will be in less pain, I will be able to sleep better once the postop period is over and the bruising goes away I will feel like a new woman! I am almost 8 weeks out from my last leg surgery and still have a bit of discomfort in some spots, places are still tender and I don't do well without compression. I already know I am going to have to wear compression for the rest of my life and that is a fact that I accept. Lipedema is going to be a life long disease with no cure and I must always be viligant on what I eat, how I exercise, how much weight I gain etc.


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